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Site last updated Single vreden 29, ! They performed continue reading song x live after they were interviewed single vreden show single vreden Matthijs x. The show was re-broadcasted on November 30 The album will be as a vinyl album as well in February Also updated some already known tourdates single vreden the past with additional or single vreden info.

Also added some past tourdates from the Sixties again. Several new publications were added to the Golden Earring publication list on this website.

In the upcoming days more info will be single vreden to several files. Newspaper article scan thanks single vreden Berry Single vreden Photo thanks to Berry Albers! September 30, - Received info for a new found Golden Earring Canadian tourdate. Presale started tickets 32,50 euro! Info announced this web page Weblog Zwolle! September 14, - Received info last week about a Wasperveen show in Date was unknown so far but is August 03 Info added to the Golden Single vreden Sixties tourdates file single vreden. Info and scan thanks to Ruud Mols!

September 13, - New found Golden Earring ticket added to the tourdates file yesterday. More info wanted about this show! September 11, - Received a new unknown tourdate for November 05 single aus haan Scheveningen - Casino. This show was added to the tourdates file on this website.

Scan thanks to Berry Albers! September 10, - Received a newspaper article from which shows a new unknown tourdate for The wapserveen show date is not known yet, but will be researched! September 06, single vreden Received info about single vreden May 04 show I was unaware of so far. This was an afternoon show at a festival, attendance about 3.

Email info Lex Honigh: Hallo Casper, Op 4 mei organiseerde ik met een aantal vrienden een single vreden. Nu blijkt dat dit het eerste popfestival in de lucht in Nederland is geweest. Het vond plaats in het open luchttheater in Markelo op hemelvaartsdag. Het festival werd rond een uur of vier in de middag afgesloten door The Golden Earrings voor ongeveer toeschouwers.

Weet jij hier nog iets van te vinden? Ik lees hier niets over op deze fantastische Golden Earring fan website. Het was min of meer het afscheidsconcert van Frans Krassenburg die werd opgevolgd door Barry Hay die ik kende van The Haigs site. September 05, - Received an email ticket scan for the September 10, Alblasserdam show. Ticket added to the tourdates file today!

Golden Earring single vreden info for this show wanted! Single vreden you have any additions, corrections or updates, please send your Golden Earring setlist updates by e-mail to webmaster Casper Roos! August 30, - Today the first tour date became known for single vreden Golden Earring tour schedule. Single vreden price 32,50 euro. This file is the most informative one about Golden Earring s shows over the past 52 years of their read more The publication also confirms two other already known tourdates!

The info was found in this publication which was sent to me by Berry Albers, as always helping me to make continue reading list of single vreden more complete. Thank you Berry for your never ending help! Bryan Adams still has a great voice and gave a wonderful show as part of his Get Up Tour.

August 11, - Cesar Zuiderwijk is one single vreden the organisers and will be teacher at the sixteenth Slagwerk3Daagse taking place from August 11 - 13, at Musicon - Den Haag. George Kooymans show photo photo thanks to Roel Vinkes!

August 10, - Added a Golden Earring show ticket today. Thank you Berry Albers! August 05, - Added two Golden Earring show reviews for a show today. Articles typed in by and thanks to Single vreden Albers! August 04, - Recieved a nice email from Wibo Koeman today who tried to date some Golden Earring pictures that were taken way back in Alkmaar. Thanks to the tourdates overview on this website he was able to tell the pictures were on May 01 !

To thank me for the information on my website I received three show picture! The pictures were single vreden today. Date in history What happened in Golden Earring history? Polydor Concert in Loenen - Venue unknown, support act Milestone. Program first click August 03, Golden Earring op jubileumeditie Pinkpop ! Wat we wel al single vreden weten: Golden Earring en Rowwen Heze komen naar de 50ste van Pinkpop in !

Thank you Berry Albers for the update! But looks nice anyway! A blend of six varieties from four daffodil divisions large cupped, jonquilla, tazetta and double. All are yellow, but most have an single vreden accent, which provides definition and depth. Terrific massed wherever you want to draw attention: Golden Earring cannot and will not be ignored. Sold and shipped only in increments ofbecause to have the desired impact, this blend must be planted in quantity.

Thank you Berry Http:// for the link! July 17, - Updated my Golden Earring Research website today! Added several publications to the publication file and edited several tourdates and added info for Sixties shows.

July 13, - Edited text for several Seventies tourdates and added a poster as well to the Golden Earring tourdates file today. July 13, - Check out Cesar Zuiderwijks Masterclass single vreden Updated all and Cesar Zuiderwijk Masterclass tourdates.

Will add the shows soon! July 13, - Last weeks Heerlen show setlist info was found on Facebook. Picture thanks to Anouk van Graven! This album will be released in a limited edition pressing of individually numbered copies on blue, black and white mixed vinyl.

July 12, - Received a Golden Earring ticket scan today from Single vreden Kramer, already had it in my archives but not published yet. If you have anu ticket scans from past, знала, singles treuchtlingen если single vreden future please email them to me single vreden I can add them to the appropiate tourdates July 10, - Added latest found Vreemde Kostgnagers tourdates to the tourdates file today.

July 09, - Did a little bit of updating my Golden Earring research website today. The weather is too lovely and I got to much to do to source it my full single vreden. July 07, - Added 5 single vreden made pictures to the October 18 Boskoop tourdate on this website.

The pictures still with Sieb Warner! Pictures published on Facebook and thanks to Single vreden Honig! The last weeks updates came in and several shows were performed. All the latest info is now added. Also two solo performances by Cesar Zuiderwijk were addedd as well. Thank you Jan Sander and Ruud Mols for the info. I now added these pictures to my All Time Golden Earring tourdates files on this website.

Long time serving fan Berry Single vreden was kind enough to type in the text of the articles and these are also added now. Thanks to you Golden Earring fans around the world.

If you would like to help making this single vreden becoming even more interesting you could help me with typing in several newspaper articles from the past. If you would like to help please sign up with the email link under this paragraph!

July 04, - Added a new found Golden Earring show announcement single vreden a Belgium show today. Item was sent by Ruud Mols, thanks! June 17, - Not much time to update my Golden Earring Research website. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Date in history: What happened in Golden Earring history? September 10, Daddy Buy Me A Girl single entered the hitchart at #39, highest position 12, 10 weeks in.

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